Within the Zaanstreek, there are several walking and cycling routes.

All routes run through the rich history of Zaandam. Below a description of what you may encounter on the road.


Czaar Peter Route
From the hotel starting at Intel, the walk through the statue of Czar Peter the Great historical Sluis (25 m) and the newer Wilhelminasluis (125 meters). Then through the old heart of West Zaandam, the Klauwershoek, South Dike along the former town of Zaandam to Hogendijk.

Hotel Inntel - Zaanse stijl

We pass places where Claude Monet lived and worked. Along the harbor, a engine and a very historic park, the Czar Peter House achieved. Along the many plaques, statues and monuments passed, all with their own story. The guide knows every detail of something special to report.

Protected landmark
Zaandijk, once named D'Five Brothers had been one of the three villages which are protected Zaanstad rich. The Lagedijk Zaandijk of a series of magnificent merchant houses, often glorious doors and ornaments. The wooden carving shows symbols of commerce, seafaring and coats of arms. The hive of Honig family comes here frequently.

Did you know why the Declaration of Independence of America Zaandam paper was printed? During the route there is ample opportunity to raise questions. One of the houses can be visited at the weekend and an exhibition can be viewed in the Weefhuis.

From the ancient Gerrit Jan Honig Luis we go via a ferry on the river Zaan at the windmills of the Zaanse Schans. At the Zaanse Schans are several possibilities for a visit, a terrace or any continuation of the Zaanse discovery. Boat, bus or train depart from or near the Zaanse Schans to all destinations.

Czaar Peter Beeld op de dam in Zaandam


There are several bike routes in the Zaan possible of about 20 km.

Protected villages
Urban routes can be chosen by the fascinating buildings with short-cuts through parks and recreation, with a variation through the stilled Haaldersbroek, which again is a conservation area. This very old, originally Catholic enclave also the gateway to a long line of typical Dutch houseboats, where you feel like you over the estates of people cycling.

There can also opt for a tour of the forts of the Stelling van Amsterdam, a UNESCO monument. Whether rural Oostzaan its vast recreational area Twiske. There can be raced through the mighty Wijdewormer with her long straight roads. Wormer is one of the polders in 1628 by the mills drooggepomt according to the then current mathematical ideal: the rectangle. The pinnacle of perfection!

From the polder along the ring towards the former whaling village, Jisp.